March 27th, 2007


Touch - A Mahone Drabble

Title: Touch
Author: Pamala
Characters: Alex Mahone
Category: Drabble
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I know they're not mine. I'm old and tired so, PTB,
please don't slap me around for playing with your toys.
Summary: Alex can't take much more.
Authors notes: I wrote this tiny drabble as a gift for accrues
last week but didnt post many places because it was so short. After
" Fin Del Camino " it just seemed fitting it let it out into the light.

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stock - artsez

Sacrificial Lambs 3/4

A PB Fic

Characters: LJ, Lincoln, Michael
Category: Gen, pre & post escape
Rating: pg-13 (language, warning: character death)
Length: 1490
Summary: Four different characters, four very different sacrifices. One common goal.
LJ Burrows is the youngest member of the flock but this doesn’t protect him from personal sacrifice, even though The Shepherds try desperately to shield him.
Written in response to 'general series' at prisonbreak100 using prompt #27 ‘Children’
My table is here

Part 1 - Henry Pope

Part 2 - Veronica

Part 3 - LJ