PamalaX (pamalax) wrote in prison_breakfic,

Touch - A Mahone Drabble

Title: Touch
Author: Pamala
Characters: Alex Mahone
Category: Drabble
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I know they're not mine. I'm old and tired so, PTB,
please don't slap me around for playing with your toys.
Summary: Alex can't take much more.
Authors notes: I wrote this tiny drabble as a gift for accrues
last week but didnt post many places because it was so short. After
" Fin Del Camino " it just seemed fitting it let it out into the light.

I'm so isolated and alone I can barely stand living inside my own skin.

Words fly in every direction all the time but I can't recall the last time someone actually touched me.


I recall -- thinking at the time it was the haze of injury and pain -- being quite taken with the touch of another when I was being tended to.

Gentle and caring.

The simple touch of anothers hand.

I'd forgotten what that was like...

I can't recall what it felt like to hold my little boy in my arms any longer.

My precious memories of Pam's loving touch are fading fast too.

Nothing in this life meant more to me that those two things and my skin literally aches at the loss of both.

I can't take it much longer.

An arm twisted behind my back as I'm thrust in anger against a wall.

A well thrown punch.

Anything will do because living without the touch of another human being feels like not living at all.

The End

Guess Alex got his well thrown punch!
Tags: g, gen, mahone, pamalax

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