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The Beta Reader Post

Looking For a Beta Reader?

Here is the old list of beta readers, if you want to be taken *off* the list or want to change some of the info given, please comment.

Things I WILL beta: Any and all genfic/non-slash.
Specialties: Grammar, spelling and syntax! Love it. I also have extensive knowledge of political science, and I'm taking a law class now (complete with hefty law book full of terms, etc.), so I can help out in that area too a bit.

Things I Will Beta:I'll beta just about everything and anything. Not picky. Slash, violence, fluff, whatever. :)
Specialties: I can be an extremely intense editor on things, but only if anyone ever wants that... Wide amount of knowledge on serial killers, their behavior, their victims, their methods etcetera. Basic grammar knowledge and crap. Yeah.

Things I Will Beta: Anything. I have no squicks.
Specialties: I'm an extremely fast reader with high retention, and have a strong grasp of grammar and spelling. I know a lot about mental illnesses; disorders, symptoms, treatments, etc. partially through practical experience but mostly through research.

Things I Will Beta: Anything except Michael/Sara. Otherwise, hit me with what you got. :D Slash, het, gen, violence, rape -- whatever.
Specialties: Your basic grammar and spelling. I'm a quick reader, too, so I'll be able to get the fic back to you ASAP. Sadly, I don't have extensive knowledge in much of anything (*is a high school student*), but being an avid writer/reader might help you out. I'm also a total geek, so I can research my ass off.

I will pretty much beta anything, except Michael/Sara. I usually can dedicate at least 3 hours a day. I am pretty good at catching spelling mistakes, and some grammar mistakes.

Things I WON'T beta: Those extremely graphic gory T-Bag slicing up eyeballs type fics. And Michael/Sara.

I'll beta anything and everything. Seriously, whatever you got, I'm game! I can speak Spanish pretty well, too ( not perfectly) I do have quite a busy schedule, so I can't promise a quick return always.

Things I will beta: Pretty much anything that doesn't involve either Pope or Westmoreland having sex. It's a mental sanity thing.
Specialties: Prison regulations, police procedure, help with bunnies, Chicago, the Chicago Social Services system, serial killers (Wide range of knowledge), random factoids, sociopaths, Dissociative Identity Disorder (For that one AU you've been thinking about for a while), and other different psychological things.

Preferences: I've never met a squick I didn't like. I'll never judge you no matter how fucked-up, twisted or wrong the subject matter. I'm good with fluff provided it's not too fluffy. I'm interesting in all pairings, even Michael/Sara (no fluff).
Super Powers: I'm am actually quite good at catching other people's mistakes, particularly grammar. I can spot split infinitives, dangling modifiers, vague antecedents, among others. I'm also pretty good at pointing out odd syntax and faulty word-choice. However, I'm not a grammar-Nazi and usually choose to leave "mistakes" if it helps keep the tone, pace, and rhythm of a piece. If you're also inclined, I will give you content/characterization feedback.

preferences: I'll read anything. No squicks that I can't overcome.
abilities: I'm best at fixing sentences or paragraphs that don't flow well. I have a good eye for grammar mistakes in other people's writing. I can also provide content/characterization feedback if the writer is interested.

New Submissions

Will beta: Anything but Michael/Sara.
Abilities: Grammar and spelling are big ones for me(I am a bit of a grammar nazi). Not afraid to really rip something apart, if the author so wishes(and provided I can find something to pull strings on). Have a good eye for flow and characterization. Other than that, nothing else I really specialize in, though I do know a semester's worth of Spanish, and am learning Italian. Besides that, I know a fair amount about guns(usage, safety, how much kick they'll have, etc.), and anything else I'm willing to research.


Will beta: anything bar Tweener/C-Note/Bellick that's a menage a trois too far for me
Abilities: how a story reads/grammar/spelling (yup can spot it in other stories but never my own /me hangs head in shame!


Will beta: Whatever. I'm not a big fan of graphic T-Bag stuff, but I'll read it if I have to.
Abilities: I'm pretty good with spelling/grammer/sentence structure (and better when it's not my own writing), and I think a lot about characterization and plots and such, so I can work pretty well with that.


Things I Will Beta: Anything.

Specialties: Grammar, spelling, punctuation, and syntax. I can usually catch plot holes, and if the writer's willing I'm always up for discussing characterization. I can work fast, especially on weekends. And I'm fairly familiar with Chicago.


Things I Will Beta: Pretty much anything. I'm really not partial to Michael/Lincoln but I've beta'd it before... Nothing NC-17 though, for any pairing.
Specialties: I'm good with spelling, grammar, punctuation, and overall flow. I think I'm pretty good at characterization, though I'm more familiar with certain characters than I am with others. And I'm very quick and very thorough, and I'm all about leaving notes about thing I love and things I'd like to see changed.


Things I'll Beta: Just about anything....I don't really like Michael/Lincoln or Michael or Lincoln/LJ unless it's AU, incest kinda weirds me out 0_0. Other than that....throw 'em at me, i've got a devious mind and can deal with people cutting things off and stuff, so I don't care much ^_^

Specialties: Well, I LOOOOOVE spelling, I've been reading the dictionary(yeah, the entire thing straight through) since I was like....11. I am really good at getting into T-Bag and Abruzzi's heads, also Haywire, though he's not written much, and any help needed I'll gladly give. Ummm....I'm pretty good at punctuation except I'm allergic to semicolons ^_^, and I'm not too shabby at syntax....I know what would sound best if what the writer already has isn't that, and don't mind helpin' out. I guess that's it, oh yeah I forgot, I'm not a grammar Nazi, but I am very good at catching grammar mistakes.....When your grandmother was an English teacher for 21 years and your mother was a word processor for 16, you get the "good writer/critiquer/speller/spell-checker" genes ^_^.

Will beta: Anything but slash, or extreme violence.
Specialties: Grammar, spelling, etc. I am extremely anal on that front. Blame the real job for that. I work during the day so I'd only be able to beta at night/weekends. I feel like I know the characters pretty well so I can tell you if it works. I can be extremely critical if needed. :)

Will beta: Anything but slash. I tend to gravitate toward M/S but I can do others as well.
Abilities: I'm very proficient with catching paragraph errors which can include spelling and punctuation. I can also help with plot ideas.

Will beta: No graphic incest/rape, please. I'm open to slash, although I don't read it regualarly. Hetro and romantic pairings are my specialty.
Abilities: I'm killer at storylines, plot twists, and dissecting characters. If you need a sounding board or need help in figuring out if a plot point works, I'm your gal. I am not afraid to give honest con crit and will if you ask for it. My goal is to make your story better. I'm okay at spelling/grammar issues but its not my strong suit. My strengths come in character and plot analysis.

Willing To Be a Beta Reader?

A Beta Reader's duties can range from just encouragement and handholding to giving your opinon on what works and what doesn't in a fic, whether you buy the characterisation or the story flow, to fact checking, spelling and grammar help.

If you would be willing to be a beta just comment here with your preferences, specialities and any other information you think might be of interest. Make sure to note which things you are not willing or able to beta (certain ratings, pairings, subject matters). Also note in case you just want to beta in a limited capacity, like just for the ficexchange or just for your friends or just for your ship or for example only on weekends.

Remember, being a beta reader means that you can read an author's stories before anybody else gets to see them ;D
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