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Front Seat 1/1

Title: Front Seat
Author: Pamala
Characters:Alex & Pam Mahone
Category - ficlet
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I know they're not mine. I'm old and tired so, PTB,
please don't slap me around for playing with your toys.
Summary: Sometimes its so urgent you can't even make it to the backseat.
Authors notes: When I took 5 ficlet prompts a few days ago accrues
gave me Alex/Pam, cold and ten years. This what she gets. Sorry I did the old
FTB on you again. Thanks for everything kiddo!

A long hot shower...

A fresh set of clothes...

Ten minutes in a courtroom standing silently in front of a less than pleased Panamanian judge...

Just ten short minutes...

Well... really... six months, thirteen days and ten minutes when you get right down to it...

...and I'm a free man.

She’s in the courtroom watching and waiting the whole time.

Once its over she's at my side, her hand firm on my forearm, car keys at the ready in her hand, guiding me away the moment the shackles are removed.

She touches me often and smiles sweetly to herself, lighting up the car around us far more than warm sunshine outside the walls of Sona that is filtering through the car windows.

Making our way out of town slowly, everything feeling as if it is moving slow motion, she turns suddenly down an empty dusty rural road on the edge of town, travelling several miles out off the beaten path without a word as to why as she pulls off and parks the car on the side of the road.

"Did they hurt you, Alex?"

Part of me, the part that can't take the thought of her worrying about me... the part wanting to make light of it all to spare her any pain drifts away at the fear I see written all over her beautiful face.

Understanding exactly what it is she is asking me, I reach out, taking hold of her hand squeezing it firmly in my own as I do what I can to ease her mind.

"I got my ass kicked, thoroughly, more than a couple times but other than that, if you're asking what I think you're asking, no... no one hurt me like that, Pam."

With that, tears of relief flooding her eyes and staining her cheeks, she is across the bench front seat, into my lap, straddling my body as her soft warm lips begin a desperate assault on the skin of my neck.

Struggling for the right words to say -- knowing there is nothing in the world I want more than what she is offering -- I, reaching down into my lap, take her hands, trembling... fumbling with my belt, firmly into my own hands squeezing them gently, drawing her eyes up to mine as I begin to speak.

"Ten minutes... just ten minutes, Pam. Listen... I want you so badly I can hardly stand it but I CAN wait, because we're just ten minutes from the airport. Ten more minutes and we'll be on our way home. Just ten more and we'll set in motion leaving Panama behind in favor of whole new life together."

Ignoring every word I've said she, taking my hands in hers laying them gently on the cool soft skin just beneath the hem of her skirt, smiles mischievously at me as she eases my eager hands slowly up over deliciously bare legs and naked hips.

"Now... here... Right now -- I can't wait a moment longer -- and right here, Alex! I've been without you long enough... Been cold and empty, aching for you so long that waiting even ten more minutes feels like ten years."

Tags: mahone, pam mahone, pamala, pg13

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