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Five Minutes to Midnight (Chapter Nine)

Title: Five Minutes to Midnight
Author: isis_uf
Fandom: Prison Break
Characters: Sara Tancredi Scofield, Michael Scofield, Lincoln Burrows, Sofia Lugo, LJ Burrows, Michael Scofield Junior, Alex Mahone, Agent Felicia Lang Mahone, Jane Phillips, Paul Kellerman, Fernando Sucre, OCs 
Pairing: Michael/Sara (background Lincoln/Sofia and Mahone/Lang, implied previous Jane/Aldo Burrows and Jane/Paul Kellerman, heavily implied one-sided Kellerman/Sara)
Category: gen, het, post-epilogue alternate canon
Genre: Action, drama, angst, romance, family... you name it
Rating: R
Spoilers: The entire thing including Final Break
Author’s Note - This is the second of four planned stories that don’t directly violate canon, but take place after Final Break in an attempt to make it more palatable (and, to me, more poetic and satisfying). See “Into the Dark” on ffn or my livejournal for the first in the series. Huge thanks to andacus for being my beta and mind-mate (as always) and to tuesdaeschildfor her encouragement and feedback. I hope to post a new chapter every Wednesday night.
Warnings (for the whole series): Whole series (including Final Break) spoilers, violence, (probably) sex, probable eventual NC-17 rating, cursing, death, het (canon pairings), classical literature and mythology references, questionable knowledge by the author of science, medicine, code-breaking and the mechanics of shady multinational conglomerates who secretly rule the world
Word Count: The longest 4.5k words I've ever written for chapter nine. About 32k posted so far. Probably close to 50k total.
Disclaimer: Not mine
Summary: Finding out that Michael is still alive and has been held by The Company for four years might be life-altering for Sara and Lincoln, but it’s also just the beginning...

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Chapter Nine

Tags: drama, fanfic, gen, het, lincoln burrows, michael scofield, michael/sara, post series, post-series, rating: r, sara tancredi, tags: action, tags: angst

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