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Prison Break Fic

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Please read the following rules before posting!

About the Community

Prison Break Fan Fic is a community for fan fiction based on the show Prison Break. All varieties of fic are accepted here as long as the rating is clear.

The Mods
~ angelicus
~ snowwhite22

The Rules

* You may link to fic off Livejournal, in your own journal, or post it within the community itself. But always use an LJ cut. If you don't know how to use one, go here or contact a Mod.

Above the cut, please include the following:

Pairing/Characters (or Gen if no pairing):
Spoilers (if any):

And any notes you wish to include in the title about the fic.

* Use the following tags for your fic: author name, pairing, challenge response (if your fic is a response to a challenge, use the tag challenge response - name challenge here), and rating. When tagging for genre (gen, het, slash) please see the definitions for each below. If your story contains both Het and Slash, please use the tag het/slash.

* All posts must contain fics! *unless approved by a mod*

* PLAGARISM WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. If you are taking the idea of your fic from a book, movie, TV show, etc., then please cite it in an author's note. Taking of another author's work and presenting it as your own will not be tolerated.

* No bashing or flaming of an author, their writing, or actors and creators of Prison Break. We trust that readers and writers are mature enough to observe the Golden Rule.

* No introductory posts. If you'd like to introduce yourself to the community, we have such a place here. Everyone will get to know you through your fics and feedback.

* Please clean up spelling, grammar, etc. If you would like someone to read your fic and help catch things you might have missed, get a beta reader. For a list of people willing to beta, go here.

* Feedback is love.

*If you would like to affiliate with prison_breakfic, drop one of the Mods a note and we'll add you to the list.

Ratings Guideline

PG: No adult content or language.
PG-13: If you can watch Prison Break, you can read this. May include some adult content, including mild sexual situations, little violence, and mild swearing, such as "bitch", "hell" or "damn".
R: Contains adult situations and language. Strong profanity, sexual situations and violence are included, as well as adult issues.
NC-17: Graphic violence and/or sexual situations.


Het: Heterosexual pairings and situations.
Slash: Same-sex pairings and situations.
Gen: Not focused on a particular romance or pairing.
AU: Alternate Universe. Using the characters of Prison Break in a setting and world completely different from that portrayed in the show. Example: Michael Scofield is on a quest for a magical unicorn and that will save the world.

Note: When indicating the pairing for your fic, the slash ( / ) is used when the characters you've separated with it are involved in sexual or romantic situations. For example, Michael/Sara will tell your readers that your fic portrays Michael and Sara in sexual or romantic situations. If you want your readers to know that your fic focuses heavily on two characters, but they're not romantically linked, then use a comma. For example, T-Bag, Sucre will tell your readers that your fic is mostly about T-Bag and Sucre but they are not sexually or romantically involved.

This a fantastic show with a REALLY great fan base so let's have a really good time together as a real community.

We sincerely want nothing more than for everyone to have a good time reading and writing Prison Break fan fic, so thank you for joining us and please don't hestitate to write the Mods with any questions, thoughts, or concerns because we are here to help...and WILL ANSWER you!

angelicus @ livejournal [dot] com
snowwhite22 @ livejournal [dot] com

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Our lovely header was made by the very talented scribblecat!

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